BoardMaps – A complete Board of Directors Meetings & Compliance Application

Specially crafted to automate management processes and comply with government laws

A Decision Management system for Boards and Executive teams that ensures strategic and tactical alignment before, during and after business meetings

To achieve its goals a company must deal with many strategic and tactical matters. However, with the multitude of issues we must address daily, we often focus on the newest concerns, neglecting the most important matters and failing to follow up on their execution. BoardMaps will not let matters fall through the cracks – the solution enables efficient meetings, drives coordinated decisions on matters, creates action items and monitors and controls their implementation.

BoardMaps ensures the follow up on a matter throughout its lifecycle – from the moment it is brought up until it is implemented and resolved so your goals turn into results.

Core Services

  • Focus

    Matter Circulation, the patented concept at the very core of BoardMaps, provides a flow for resolving business-matters step-by-step until the desired result is achieved

  • Participation

    The BoardMaps Meeting Center facilitates preparing and conducting board and executive meetings – in-person, in absentia or remotely, with a robust process for fully compliant voting

  • Perfection

    Transform agenda points into action items, assign them to responsible parties and monitor and track progress until the matter can be resolved

  • Retention

    Relevant history of each matter, including past decisions and tasks, is stored in a searchable, compliant respository

  • Security

    Data protection and access control including AES encryption, role-based access model, and a secure data transfer protocol are built into the BoardMaps system

  • Quick Implementation

    Launching BoardMaps – system setup and user training – takes no more than a month. And BoardMaps is easily integrated into existing systems for managing documents, accounting, inventory, etc.